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Hi there,

I'm Britney.

(and this is my dog, Kimber)

Naval Officer to Lady Boss

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I spent nine years serving as a Naval Officer in the United States military. I circumnavigated the globe after handling high profile international engagements in Southeast Asia and Middle East, and spearheaded the commissioning (launching) of the Navy's newest warship. Now, I use my background in warfare strategy and public affairs  to help course creators hit their launch goals.

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I started my business as an online business manager and niched into the course creation world after reigniting my passion for sharing education, creating pretty slide decks, and delivering compassionate messaging.  As a consultant, I directly supported the launches of over twenty women in 2020. Today, I work with clients as a coach and offer done-for-you consulting as-needed.

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I shifted into the coaching realm after realizing that I could better support my clients in their business needs through mentorship and counsel. In creating a hybrid coaching model that combines a digital course with group and 1:1 coaching, I'm able to support course creators at all stages of their business as they prepare their audiences, create their offers, and launch.

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When I first got started with this whole "online business" thing, I joined every single Facebook group with the word "business" in it. I signed up for all the freebies, and watched all the webinars. In essence, I stood in front of the virtual fire hydrant, opened my mouth, and took in as much liquid knowledge as I could handle.

I got a website, a logo, and a business name. I started promoting myself everywhere that anyone would let me, shouting to the world "I'm awesome! Do business with me!"

And miraculously, that worked for a few months.

But there was a big, big problem with my strategy.

I didn't have one.

Needless to say, when I got the grand idea that I was going to create a digital course and sell that course to strangers on the internet (because hey, isn't everyone?), I also didn't have a real strategy.

It took me months to get myself figured out. And every time I thought I had things nailed down, something would shift and I'd be back at square one. Questioning myself. Wondering, "am I ever going to be ready to create my course? Will I ever launch?"


I caved and hired a coach, and together we finally nailed my messaging. We figured out what made me special, and we became really clear on who I wanted to help.

Because sometimes you just simply can't figure it out on your own.

The next steps were easy. Now that I was clear on what I did that no one else did, and I knew who I wanted to help, all I had to do was create the offer and sell it.

Thus was born the Love Your Launch Academy, the program for the awkward, eager, and impatient businesswoman who just wants to take action, get going, and see results.

I know exactly what it's like to do things backwards.


I've been there, jumping feet first into the water without really stopping to think things through.

But I've also been on the other side. The strategy side. In the military, that's all we did! And I knew, well before hiring a coach, about the importance of having a plan. (Shame on me for not remembering that at the beginning)

Once I stopped racing through the "fun parts" of building a business, and instead focused on strategically growing my business with systems, structure, and intention, everything fell into place.

My email list TRIPLED.

My digital courses started to sell.

And I had clients coming to ME, asking "how do I work with you?"

My system WORKS, y'all.

And I'm eager to share it so you can feel the same butterfly-in-your-stomach, jump-up-and-down excitement that I did when I sold my first digital course.

I just have one question for you.

Are you ready to love your launch?

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