Course & Membership Creation

Your business is unique, and your relationship with your team should be, too. That's why we carefully cultivate each package for the individual needs of our clients.


While we follow a phased approach to get you from "idea" to "income," we recognize not every client will need every service we offer.


Together, we will come up with the right combination of services necessary to meet your goals and match your resources.

Are you course or membership creation ready?

Our Strategy

Phase I:

Get Online

Phase II:

Build Trust in

Your Brand

Phase III:

Create Your Product

Phase IV:

Launch & Relaunch

Phase I

Digital offers exist online, which means you'll need an established presence online to sell them. Starting with a 60-minute strategy session (or longer, if you need it), we'll determine who your ideal client avatar (ICA) is and map out your ideal timeline for getting launch-ready. Included in this package is a website audit and copy review / revision for those clients with existing web pages. 

Website & Social Media Audits

Visual and written content designed with your audience in mind


Social media account set-up and content starter-kit

Marketing Wheel Development

Identification of the various aspects of your online business where we can best market your services, as well as any assistance required to create/develop them


Phase II

After you've built an established online presence, it's time to engage with your audience and build trust and rapport with them. The old marketing strategy taught that you had to engage your ideal client 7 times before they'd buy. Social media enables you to easily reach your ideal client, but because it's so easy to reach them, you now need more than that. You need thoughtful content that creates an emotional connection with your audience. 


Phase II is all about engaging with your audience and continuing to narrow them down into a pool of your ideal clients who are ready to buy. 

Lead Magnets/Freebies/Facebook Ads

Creation and publishing of a freebie in the form of a quiz, pdf, challenge, etc.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Set up via your desired email service provider to send content to your email list


Campaigns available in either continual list engagement or in support of a specific event/launch


Phase III

This is where it gets real: building out your course or membership. To get started, we'll need a rough outline of your content, as well as any notes on the content that you can provide. As we build out your content with you, we'll set up regular 15 -minute meetings (most likely 1x a week) and be in constant email or messaging communication to ensure your content is built out exactly as you've envisioned.

In Phases I and II, you've laid the foundation for a successful launch by validating your content and engaging with your ideal clients. Phase III is all about making that content come to life.

Course Buildout

Setting up your course in your chosen CMS (content management system) with all requisite modules, landing pages, and copy, as well as all setting up all your marketing automation

Course Content

Visual and written course content creation and editing (all we need are some bullet points from you)


Includes module slide decks, supporting documentation, and video scripts


Phase IV

This is the feel-good part of your journey. You're ready to launch and bring your clients real value - and that starts can start with any number of launch strategies.

Webinar or Workshop Preparation

Visual and written course or membership content on a smaller scale

Video hosting in your chosen CMS


Promotion strategy

Social Media Community Management

Set up of community to support your course or membership participants


Admin/Moderator support throughout your course or membership launch/implementation

"No More Live Launches"

Repurposing your course or membership launch content to support the transition from a Live Launch (available for a limited time) to an Evergreen course (always available for purchase)


Post Launch Review

All launches should involve a post-launch review to analyze the strengths, weakness, opportunities to improve, and areas to avoid in preparation for your next launch. Digital course creation and membership program development is a dynamic, living project that changes from season to season as your ICA evolves and their needs change.

Post Launch Review Report

Post Launch Review Report at the conclusion of the launch; includes total opt-in, 

webinar attendance, and sales report, satisfaction survey from your course 

participants or members, and recommendations for improvement based on the success of the course.


This review is included gratis in any digital offer package that involves our help through the launch. 

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